Elon Musk’s tweets go viral as he shares his predicted list of “future jobs.”

Elon Musk Photographer: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg

Elon Musk, the Twitter owner, shared his version of job titles he believed would dominate the future on March 17, 2023.

Musk’s quirky ideas

“Gravity Eater”, “Quantum Hunter”, “Glitch Dreamer”, “Void Deer” and “Boson Cutter” are some of the future job titles, claims Elon Musk. In just one hour, his Twitter message had received over 3 million views. He uploaded an image with the caption “Jobs in the Future,” but the title of the sixth image was missing.

As usual, Musk’s tweet received a lot of user feedback, which is not surprising given that Elon Musk has nearly 132 million followers on Twitter.

Musk had already promised several changes to his social media network, which he controls. He said that starting March 31, Twitter will make all code used to recommend Tweets publicly available.

According to Musk, Twitter will also use AI to detect and flag instances of platform-wide manipulation of public opinion.

Musk’s take on AI

Musk has raised concerns about the future of AI and has advocated for a regulator to ensure the technology’s advancements meet the needs of the general population.

Musk believes it’s a somewhat risky piece of technology and worries he may have rushed it somehow.

Musk co-founded OpenAI with Sam Altman, which produced ChatGPT. Still, the billionaire resigned from the startup’s board in 2018 to avoid a conflict of interest between OpenAI’s research and that of Telsa Inc., the electric car maker he heads.

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