Google Unveils ‘Made-in-India’ Pixel Phones

The company said it plans to start with Pixel 8, which launched earlier this month. The first Made-in-India Pixels are expected to hit the market in 2024, it said.

Google will manufacture its Pixel smartphones in India, the company announced on Thursday at Google for India, the ninth edition of its annual India-specific event.

“When we started our hardware business, we were committed to building and investing for the long term, and our plan to manufacture in India is a first step in the long journey of expanding our device manufacturing capabilities and meeting growing demand of the country Pixel smartphones,” said Osterloh.

Pixel 8 – it was launched earlier this month – is expected to be the first locally manufactured smartphone in the range, and a launch is expected in 2024, the tech giant added.

“Today, we see an even greater opportunity to bring Pixel smartphones to more people in India and are excited to announce our plan to make Pixel smartphones in India,” said Rick Osterloh, senior VP of devices and services at Google in-person event that drew huge cheers from the audience.

“We will work with international and domestic manufacturers to produce Pixel phones locally and join the Make in India initiative,” Osterloh further said.

He also described the country as a “priority market” for the Pixel devices, noting that in recent years the Asian country has “established itself as a truly world-class manufacturing hub, resulting in a prosperous environment for businesses to thrive.”‘