How it works, where to buy, benefits?

For investing in assets, gold has been the preferred choice of people. That’s why most people buy gold for festivals or special occasions. This tradition of buying gold has been maintained for many centuries. Therefore, people of older generations are used to buying at least a small amount of gold to keep as an investment.

But now there should be a new way of buying gold for the new generation, right? As today’s generation is very used to online shopping, the traditional way of buying gold has been replaced by “digital gold”.

Digital Gold

Wondering what digital gold is? Digital Gold is a virtual form of gold that allows buyers to store gold without using physical stores or safe houses. The amount of such gold sold to buyers is set aside by the seller on their behalf. Digital gold investments have no upper or lower limits. Customers can buy a single item in a small batch, say Re. 1.

To get started with digital gold, all you need is an internet connection and m-banking to make payments to buy and trade digital gold. In today’s world, even digital wallets like Paytm and Google Pay provide a platform for buying digital gold. Do you want to know how to buy and sell digital gold? It’s very easy

How does investing in digital gold work?

Investing in digital gold is much easier as you don’t have to spend large amounts of money. You can invest in digital gold for as little as Re.1. Digital gold investment transactions can be conducted through mobile or internet banking. The price of gold is based on various factors such as international gold prices, customs duties and exchange rates. Once you confirm the order and verify its basis, OTP will be received on the registered number. The purchased digital gold is immediately credited to your bank account.

The best platform to buy digital gold

Gold is a valuable metal that should be purchased from trusted jewelry stores with proper quality testing and security. In general, people trust buying gold from the local jeweler. But now you can buy digital gold online without having to visit a jewelry store. Muthoot eSwarna is the best place to buy digital gold easily without worrying about quality, purity and safety. The digital gold price at Muthoot eSwarna is only Re.1.

Advantages of digital gold:

Compared to physical gold, buying digital gold is a better option for everyone. Because digital gold is cheap and can be purchased in small fractions. So you never have to spend a lump sum to buy gold online. Other advantages of digital gold are as follows:

  1. quality of gold: When buying gold, quality is the number one factor that customers worry about. With physical gold, you can see and feel the quality of the gold before you buy it. However, buying digital gold is completely different, so customers may be reluctant to buy it. But Muthoot eSwarna assures the authenticity of digital gold.
  • Gold on your doorstep: Nowadays you can buy any little thing online with just a phone call or the click of a button. Likewise, a precious metal gold is now delivered to your doorstep with just a phone call. Muthoot eSwarna offers the service of delivering physical gold to your doorstep.
  • Reduces costs: The price of digital gold is only Re.1, but it also eliminates the cost of charging fees and storing gold in a locker. Buying gold online is everyone’s best way to save money.
  • Safe investment: When you buy gold digitally, an equal amount of physical gold is secured and secured by a vault, ensuring the security of your investment at all times.
  • Buy gold in small amounts: Digital gold offers the best way to buy gold in small quantities and smaller denominations.

Is digital gold a good investment?

Traditionally, people buy gold in physical form, but buying gold in physical form comes with some risks. Buying physical gold requires a good amount of money and a safe place to store it. But in the case of digital gold, the scenario is completely different. Online gold gives you the flexibility to invest money at a low cost of just 1 Re.1 and it also reduces the risk of storing gold in your home. The digital gold investment is a secure form of investment because your valuable gold is stored in virtual form.

The quality of the digital gold does not matter either. Just like physical gold, digital gold is available in pure 24k. And the best thing about digital gold is that you can buy and sell digital gold as per your choice. You can also start SIP in gold if you are a long term investor.


Buying digital gold is a reliable option because the companies that sell it are responsible for keeping investors’ physical gold safe, whether they do it directly or through a platform. A trustee is chosen by organizations to keep track of the health and performance of investor vaults. So investors don’t have to worry about their priceless yellow precious metal. Therefore, compared to physical gold, digital gold is less likely to be stolen or damaged.

Gold has long been considered the most reliable investment opportunity in metal compared to other options. Gold serves as an asset in times of crisis when cash is not readily available, benefiting both individuals and commercial enterprises. Therefore, it is wiser to buy or invest in digital gold.

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