India to host the world’s largest textiles event

India will leave an indelible mark on the global textile stage as it moves towards ‘Bharat Tex 2024’. Scheduled to take place from February 26 to 29, 2024 in central New Delhi, this landmark event is a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to transforming the textile industry. With over 30,000 visitors from 40 countries and over 1,000 expected exhibitors, “Bharat Tex 2024” will be the world’s largest and most important textile trade fair.

Bharat Tex 2024: India will host the world's largest textile event

‘Bharat Tex 2024’ encapsulates a comprehensive 5F vision for India, covering the entire textile value chain, from farm to production line, factory, fashion to sophistication. It is a living showcase of India’s technological prowess, cultural heritage and time-honored practices, demonstrating that the country is ready to compete globally. Rather than simply positioning India as a mature and reliable sourcing destination, the event builds a platform for manufacturing world-renowned textiles under the Brand India brand.

Bharat Tex 2024: India will host the world's largest textile event

The potential impact of this big show is enormous. India’s textile exports are expected to reach new heights through stronger partnerships with international investors and buyers. In addition, it is a dynamic platform for contributions, in-depth discussions on sustainability and the exchange of valuable knowledge. In conclusion, ‘Bharat Tex 2024’ is positioned as a transformative force, firmly establishing India as a pre-eminent player in the textile industry that excels in innovation.

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