‘Kasturi Cotton Bharat’ – A Hope For Cotton Market..

India has taken a significant step towards strengthening the authenticity and accountability of its cotton business with the launch of the professional website for ‘Kasturi Cotton Bharat’. Unveiled by Union Minister Piyush Goyal, this ground-breaking initiative aims to strengthen India’s position in the global cotton market while promoting a sustainable environment for all stakeholders.

The Kasturi Cotton Bharat Mission is a collaborative project led by the Ministry of Textiles, the Cotton Corporation of India, various trade associations and the textile company. Based on the idea of ​​self-regulation, this company makes stakeholders responsible for the labeling, traceability and certification of Indian cotton and aims to position it globally as a premium and honest product. The genesis of ‘Kasturi Cotton Bharat’ can be traced back to the celebration of World Cotton Day on October 7th.

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The initiative embodied the essential characteristics of Indian cotton, including whiteness, softness, purity and luster, and became a great logo. A significant milestone was marked on December 15, 2022 with the signing of an important Memorandum of Understanding between the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) and TEXPROCIL, representing the textile company.

This partnership cemented a strategic roadmap for promoting and disseminating ‘Kasturi Cotton Bharat’. In particular, one of the defining functions of this visionary task is the emphasis on inclusivity.

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The initiative strengthens cotton gins across the US and enforces specific protocols for producing the Kasturi Cotton Bharat logo. Leveraging superior generation, implementing QR-based overall certification and blockchain-enabled software ensures comprehensive traceability at every level of processing.

The implementation of this complete system is expected to revolutionize the Indian cotton business, instill greater trust and confidence among global buyers and pave the way for a sustainable and clear cotton ecosystem.