Mel Migrino paves the way to the list of significant figures in the Hall of Fame

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Mel Migrino is a leader in promoting safety in the Philippines, as evidenced by his achievements and commitment to women. Mel Migrino is recognized worldwide for the work she has done. A staunch supporter of organizations that have embraced women and their skills in the workplace, helping women to reach higher levels in all functional areas. She exclaims, “If you’re an organization that doesn’t consider women’s skills and leadership appears to be one gender, and that’s male, that organization is missing an opportunity to grow faster and become more diverse. I think it’s more cultural or behavioral like what happens in traditional industries. The shift to diversity that brings in bigger ideas should already be underway and seeing its wonderful results. That’s how I found the ‘Women in Security Alliance Philippines’.”

Mel Migrino believes in inspiring others by emphasizing their strengths to bring out the best versions of themselves. Mentoring and coaching coupled with a nurturing environment help bring people together for better outcomes. When push comes to shove, she needs time to heal and become whole again, ready to give something of herself to others. “Sharing what you have in the midst of a crisis shows a generous and genuine heart that brings out the true meaning of caring and selflessness.”

The organization she leads has several focal points such as:

  • Empowering women in the practice of cybersecurity, privacy, physical security and related technologies and risk disciplines, promoting gender equality
  • Awareness raising and education in various cyber and risk disciplines

Her organization envisions a community where men and women live together and have equal opportunities to grow and excel. Aside from that, WiSAP also supports the advancement of male practitioners who believe in advocacy. WiSAP’s key programs include:

  • Cyber ​​Education Program
  • diversity in leadership
  • Mentor/mentee programs and roundtable meetings
  • Free threat intelligence references
  • Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Certification Courses

On the other hand, Mel is heavily involved in Bayad as the largest biller network in the payments industry in the Philippines. Her role is to take charge of Bayad’s entire cybersecurity program and ensure that the data and core infrastructure in the payment network is stable and secure. Mel claims that life in fintech is always exciting and he appreciates people’s vibe and flexibility to adapt to new trends and structures.

Her goal is to improve cybersecurity skills in her country and develop more female security leaders. In addition, regional alliances for more knowledge and awareness are being established by strengthening WiSAP’s direction. Mel Migrino was named 2021 CISO of the Year by Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Awards, Top 30 ASEAN Women in Security Award – August 2021, Global Recognition as a Top Woman Risky Leader on March 2021, Risky, IFSEC Global Influencers for Security and Fire 2021 ranked #5, CSO30 ASEAN and HK ranked #2 by IDG and 2022 Influencers as cited by International Security Journal and was recently recognized by Business of Infosec as 2022 Top 100 Global Leaders for Infosec. Mel is also part of the ASEAN Chief Information Officer Association’s EXECOM, where she represents the organization on various speaking engagements across the Asia Pacific region. To learn more about Mel, visit or sign up via email, [email protected]

She emphasizes that leadership is about giving back to society without asking for anything in return. It’s also about having the right mix of influence, rather than imposing and taking control and authority. She is a cyber and technology enthusiast who continues to be interested in Security Operations Centers, IoT Security, RegTech and Mentoring. In her free time, Mel cooks traditional Filipino food and enjoys eating Japanese and Spanish food. She appreciates the opportunity to write everything under the cyber ecosystem.