Mumbai-based fintech Eazr closes seed funding round

Health now, education now and pay later

Mumbai-based fintech startup Eazr has raised an undisclosed investment amount from Mohit Chheda and Credent Investments Private Limited in its seed funding round. The company’s CEO, Sarabjeet Singh, leads Eazr with a data-first approach, providing instant credit and loans to consumers in the healthcare, education and basic needs markets in India, with a strong focus on responsible lending. Funds raised in the current seed round will be instrumental in driving the company’s launch and expansion plans.

Credit where it is needed most

India’s fintech industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift to digital payments and transactions. However, many consumers, particularly in the healthcare and education sectors, still do not have access to affordable credit. Eazr aims to fill this gap by offering a flexible payment option that can help these consumers access the services they need without breaking the bank.

We are very pleased to have Mohit Chheda and Credent Investments Private Limited on board as investors,” said Sarabjeet Singh, CEO of Eazr. “Your investment is a testament to our mission to bring affordable and accessible credit to the underserved consumers in India, starting with the healthcare and education markets.”

Health now, education now and pay later

The company’s focus on Health Now, Education Now and Pay Later underscores its commitment to empowering individuals to pursue their education and wellness goals without financial barriers. The payment deferral option gives consumers the flexibility to better manage their spending and ensure access to essential services.

Commenting on the investment, Mohit Chheda said: “We are delighted to be part of Eazr’s journey and its vision to offer consumers in India easy and accessible credit options.” Credent Investments Private Limited added that they believe Eazr has the potential to become a leader in the Indian fintech space.

AI-enabled credit scoring system

Using AI and machine-learning credit scoring systems, Eazr can quickly and accurately assess consumers’ creditworthiness, making it easier for them to access credit when they need it most.

Everything ready for the debut

Aiming to offer consumers the option to “pay for health now, education now and later”, Eazr is slated to launch later this year, supported by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning credit scoring systems that will enable Eazr to provide instant credit to the Consumer.

Data-first approach

With its data-driven approach, the startup is able to extend credit to those who need it most while minimizing the risk of default. As the Indian economy continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, Eazr’s services will be vital to ensure healthcare, education and essential necessities remain accessible to all. With the support of experienced investors and a strong leadership team, Eazr aims to become a major player in the Indian fintech landscape.