The use of invisible doors in modern interiors

Hidden doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern design. This name was not given to him without reason – he is almost invisible in space. This construction allows you to visually expand the space and divide it into zones.

Invisible doors are used where there is no possibility of installing a standard door leaf: a high opening, a narrow passage or the transition to a secret room. The modern structure with an aluminum profile looks stylish and sophisticated.

If the color of the invisible doors is the same as that of the wall, they will merge with the wall and give the interior a wonderful look.

Features of invisible doors

The range of finished products at affordable prices on is very diverse. Every customer can choose a door leaf according to his taste. The most popular models are the following

  • • with a mirror;
  • • folding doors;
  • • high invisible doors reaching to the ceiling;
  • • hinged;
  • • in the opening;
  • • door leaf under finishing;
  • • shiny
  • • with aluminum edge;
  • • veneered and others.

Standard kit includes aluminum door frame, hinges (not visually visible) without sill and frames. External or internal fittings are installed. When installing the door handle inside, invisible doors completely merge with the wall and become invisible to prying eyes.

Reasons for installing invisible doors

The modern door leaf fits well into any interior. It is ideal to create a secret closet or a secret room. Invisible doors allow you to pass discreetly from one room to another through a specially equipped closet. The advantages of this construction:

  1. 1. The installation of the product does not cause any difficulties. It is possible to highlight the sheet with a light color or paint it in the tone of the walls.
  2. 2. Reliability. The frame of invisible doors is made of aluminum, which indicates the strength of the structure.
  3. 3. The doors are absolutely silent in operation.
  4. 4. Good soundproofing in the room.
  5. 5. A diverse range that allows even the most demanding consumer to make a choice.
  6. 6. Easy to care for. The only condition to keep the product in its original form is not to use aggressive detergents.

There are one-sided, two-sided and folding designs. The latter are often used for non-standard openings.

You can buy invisible standard doors or custom made doors from the company “Triodoor”

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