Why B2Core is the perfect choice for your Forex business

A CRM system plays a crucial role in the functioning of any modern and user-friendly FX broker. All of these brokers can manage IBs and other affiliates while managing their clients using Forex CRM software. The best forex CRMs are similar to all FX back office solution management as they include a trader room, client portals and FX back office solution features.

Whatever your needs, compare multiple CRM options to find the best one for your forex business. Certain brokers may not require additional features, although most of the best forex CRMs on the market are complete and offer various features. A simpler, more user-friendly solution might be more appropriate in this situation.

Let’s look at some essential features of an FX CRM.

Conformance Attributes:

A solid FX client management system should have compliance features that support your ongoing regulatory compliance. Know-your-customer (KYC) checks, anti-money laundering (AML) compliance and other processes are included.

Trading Features:

Certain FX CRMs now include trading functionality that allows you to execute transactions from the platform. Brokers who want to offer their clients a one-stop shop may find this helpful.

Client Management:

As the name suggests, a customer management system helps you keep track of your customers and their balances. Contact details, account balances, positions and other details are included. With a reliable customer management system, you can categorize your customers to better meet their needs.


The ability of an FX CRM to provide reports is another key feature. Reports can be used to monitor various things including sales and consumer behavior. You can use this knowledge to make smarter business decisions and improve your business as a whole.

Management of partners:

Partner management helps you monitor the performance of your partners, if you have them. This includes a variety of items such as B. Commissions received and refunds processed.


An FX CRM’s ability to track communications is another beneficial aspect. This can be used to monitor communications including chat messages, emails and phone calls. You may use this information to improve your sales or customer service processes.

Sales assistant:

In addition, a solid FX CRM offers sales support tools. This could include things like quotes, invoices, and other things.


A high-quality FX CRM has connectors with well-known software programs and an API. This includes items like email clients, accounting software, and more.

Customer service:

Finally, a top-notch FX CRM offers customer support if you have any questions or need help using the program. These options include live chat, email, and call support.


You can link your CRM to other software programs via an API (Application Programming Interface). This could be leveraged to streamline and automate data entry or customer onboarding.

Financial integration:

The ability of a CRM for forex to connect with payment processors is another key feature. This allows you to simplify the process of receiving payments from your customers.

Forex B2Core CRM

B2Core is a robust CRM for brokerage solutions that help everyone manage their businesses more effectively and improve the trader space. It offers a variety of features and resources for handling customers, employees, and payments. It serves as a front end for traders, giving them an easy way to trade and access account information. Businesses that want a complete and easy-to-use CRM solution can opt for B2Core.

B2Core is a market-leading solution designed specifically for the needs of your business. Both new and returning customers of B2Broker looking for a reliable and effective solution enjoy its popularity. B2Core is ideal for organizations of all sizes as it offers many features and benefits.

B2Core is pleased to offer a new package-based solution that allows our customers to choose the ideal package for their needs and financial situation. With this groundbreaking strategy, companies only pay for the products and services they need, making B2Core the perfect partner.

Depending on the needs of the company, different brokerage packages are offered. For example, some brokers may need the Basic package while others need the Advanced or Enterprise versions. This allows companies to select the features that best meet their desired goals.

For B2Broker customers who require a very dynamic and adaptable offer, the package-based B2Core solution is suitable. It allows more than 80 payment mechanisms and many trading platforms. This makes it easy to customize the FX back office solution to suit your needs.

B2Core is a powerful, effective system, better than other CRMs on the market and configurable. You can start using B2Core for your CRM needs within 7 days of signing the contract.

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