Choosing the right theme for your WordPress business website

So you’ve decided to start a website – that’s great! But unless you’re a child prodigy, or if this is your first foray into the world of tech and digital sales, it can be very difficult to learn. Luckily, there are some amazing resources that can help you, and WordPress is among the industry leaders.

An online presence is key

The whole world has gone online and no industry is as strong as internet shopping. For your business to be successful, you MUST have an influential online presence or it just can’t keep up. So what can you do if, like so many out there, you are not an expert at navigating the web or have most of your experience in traditional face-to-face experience?

Countless companies have recognized the need to bridge the gap between retailers and the online marketplace. Whether you have a brand new idea or an established business, adapting your business plan to make it effective online is a difficult transition that requires understanding an entirely new digital language that you may not be able to master.

Introducing WordPress

WordPress is your translator, your activist, your helper. It allows for a seamless transition into online trading, with minimal understanding of the technicalities – where so many other novice online businesses stumble and fail.

You’ll have to learn some new “tech” vocabulary, but once you get the basics down, this content management system will become your gateway to ecommerce success. And Premium WordPress WooCommerce Themes will make your online presence far above the rest!

We all know the mob is fickle. Most, if not all, people shop with their eyes. Yes we read reviews, yes we ask our friends for recommendations, but when we spend hours a day scrolling through our phones, it’s what our eye chooses in a split second that piques our interest.

Function vs Aesthetics

Unfortunately, modern day shopping has taught us exactly what our parents told us not to – judge a book by its cover. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Today, with such consistently high quality of online content, consumers expect crisp, stylish and well-organized apps and websites when it comes to browsing products or services they are interested in. We’re harsh critics and even a layman, if we stumble upon a poorly designed app you’ll think – there’s really no excuse.

But more often than not, a website or app fails to impress because its creators didn’t know what resources to use to really make their business shine. They didn’t research, they didn’t take the time, they didn’t ask the right people for help! You you don’t have to make the same mistake – and if you know someone who has made this mistake, recommend to them ASAP!

Get to grips with the basics

Since we mentioned technical vocabulary, let’s cover a few things for the beginners out there. WordPress is essentially your engine to build a new website. The looks, the quality, the raw data and the core functionality. About a quarter of the websites you visit every day are built by WordPress, so you know you’re in good hands.

However, if you want to grow your website into a full-fledged commercial platform, you’ll need some hot mods and tactical accessories. This is where plugins come into play. If you suddenly decide that you want to expand your creative website from a portfolio to an online store to sell your artwork and merchandise, you don’t want to go through the hassle of building a brand new website from scratch.

Added functionality

Plugins like WooCommerce and 8theme are basically add-ons (cool extras) that add extra functionality and customization to your existing WordPress website. You can convert items into products, add wish lists, payment options, etc.

Basically, think of it like a supermarket – your product or service is the inventory on the shelves, WordPress is the building, WooCommerce is the checkout, and 8themes is the amazing front-end display that will lure in the customers.

But what differentiates Asda from M&S? Ikea by Jonathan Adler? Paperchase staples? In the past – the windscreen. Today – the design of your website. We seek, we want, we buy. Your app’s aesthetics and utility must convey what your online store is about – what’s your style, what’s your ethos, who are your customers?

You don’t have to hire a professional

Most people will probably decide within seconds whether they want to browse your e-store or not. Therefore, you need to ensure that your online appearance is eye-catching, appealing, and a clear representation of your business. You want to captivate your audience, but not disappoint them. There’s no point in making your landing page look like Armani if ​​you’re selling popular Abercrombie & Fitch. You want to be honest but without being humble. If you believe in your product, your website should say so too.

But you shouldn’t have to be a professional web designer or a computer genius for your business to be successful. The easiest way for you to improve your online presence is to choose resources that are most compatible with your existing website. 8theme is the perfect complement to your WooCommerce platform. They have tons of slick and eye-catching themes that integrate perfectly with your existing WordPress site.


Why waste time and headaches with coding issues or poor customer support when you have the perfect tools at your fingertips. With amazing 24/7 customer service, super-simple instructions, an immense range of styles to choose from, and market-leading data to enrich your portfolio, 8theme will transform an ordinary website into a captivating e-commerce platform that will bring customers to your store – and all in just a few simple steps!