How to use online marketing for your small business

Online marketing is something that can bring great benefits to your small business, but if not done right, it can also bring your business down. We’ve got a few ideas to help you make sure you’re getting the most out of it!

Social media is your friend

We’re sure it won’t surprise you that social media can play a huge role in online marketing.

Not only do you have the ability to share things directly with your customers and clients, but you can also use them as paid advertising space, paid partnerships, and even giveaways.

We recommend using the platforms that are relevant to your customer base and seeing what works best for them specifically.

It could be Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok. While we think you should put your resources into all of these platforms, choosing one that most resonates with your following will bring you great benefits.

Once you know which one is the most lucrative, you can go giveaways there!

Get professional help

If you feel that other companies are overtaking you with search engine results, you may need help with SEO content creation services.

You can have a company create content for you to get your name out there, increase website views, and ultimately increase your sales volume and reach.

Part of the problem you may face is determining who to reach or how your website could be better.

Stop wasting your time asking questions and get the help you and your small business need!

brand ambassador

Having a following on social media is great, but how do you prove to them that your product or service is worth their time and money without them already being a customer?

Well, you can get a brand ambassador!

This is someone you can send products to or provide your service to for free and all they have to do is share their honest rating and opinion with your and their followers.

This is a great marketing tool to use, especially during times when you are stuck at home.

Now is the time to connect with people online!

go live

A great way to better network online for marketing purposes is to go live to answer questions, introduce new products, and even throw in exclusive live discount codes to reward those who participated in the experience.

Plus, this can work for so many different business models.

Retail trade? Live tastings of new products.

skin care? Live demonstration of correct product use.

Bake? A live baking after you send the ingredients to your customers.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what can be accomplished with a live stream!

Update your following frequently

So you have your online marketing platform, but are you updating your followers often enough?

Probably not.

To increase sales and maximize site views, you must put in the hard work of posting frequently, emailing weekly or bi-weekly, and creating newsletters to distribute updates!

This isn’t always easy to accomplish, but it’s one that will really benefit your online marketing program in the long run!

Have a realistic goal

Look, we know how hard it is to set a goal and achieve it the way you hoped.

So we think one of the best ideas for goal setting is to be realistic about them.

Of course you want to achieve everything, but having a more achievable goal will help you tremendously.

Writing down your goals can help with this.

Once you see your goals on paper, you can see more realistically what’s possible.

Instead of saying, “I want 1 million followers,” more realistically, start with something like “I want 1,000 followers.”

If we are real with our online marketing goals, we can achieve more!

We hope you find what works best for you and your small business. Much luck!