Introducing Direct.Me, the new Link In Bio service

For so many people, Instagram is so much more than just a fun app for sharing pictures of your lunch. The social media platform has become a giant when it comes to promoting a business, with everyone from influencers to entrepreneurs relying on the success of Instagram to grow their customer base. Despite being such a powerful advertising tool, Instagram has one major drawback that can seriously hamper the success of a business and that is the “link in bio” issue.

What is link in bio?

You’ve probably seen those three words at the bottom of every Insta post that talks about any kind of product or service. To connect more of your followers to your actual website or shop landing page, you need a way to seamlessly redirect them from your posts to your other social media channels. However, the problem everyone who does social media marketing faces is that Instagram only allows you to have one link in your bio that connects your page to the rest of your online presence.

More links, more options

When it comes to online advertising, connectivity is key, and if you’re trying to grow your brand or increase sales, that connectivity needs to be fast and relevant – that’s not easy to achieve when you just have one link, to play with. Additionally, Instagram is constantly updating its algorithms, which often results in older posts directing followers to outdated URLs — unless you plan on manually updating them every time, which of course is very inefficient.

For a growing business to be successful, you also need to collect a lot of data about your buyers’ behavioral trends, and Instagram’s in-app shopping features have so far provided very limited ways in which you can actually analyze what your buyers are doing and doing why. This is critical information for any successful marketing strategy.

Link in Biotools

Fortunately, there are a number of new tools that can fix these problems and they are colloquially referred to as Link in Bios or Link in Bio Tools. These tools are basically specialized URLs that redirect Instagram followers to an easy-to-navigate webpage that can contain any number of links to all your other online resources, from websites to portfolios to online stores and other social media This is the ideal portal to give your followers full access to everything they might be interested in when it comes to your business.

Enter Direct.Me

Quite a few of these tools have been popping up lately, so let’s take a look at a particular favorite – Direct Me – and run through what these URLs can offer and how they can benefit your brand.

The setup itself is very simple. It may take some time if you have many online platforms that you want to get involved, but the Direct Me website offers a very user-friendly and systematic approach to uploading all the necessary information. Just start by creating a login and you’ll instantly have a basic template to set up to start customizing your links.

Introducing DirectMe the new Link In Bio service

Nice little guides appear at each step to guide you through the setup process. You can add as many or as few items as you like.

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It’s up to you how much of your online presence you want to include. When it comes to your more personal information, such as B. Contact information, Direct Me gives you the opportunity to restrict the visibility of this data if you prefer.

1667727998 274 Introducing DirectMe the new Link In Bio service

The idea of ​​such a profile is to make link browsing as ergonomic and easy as possible, so Direct Me offers a number of different icons that you can add to your articles, which will not only give them a more professional look, but improve it as well may experience for visitors who do not speak your language or have reading difficulties.

1667727998 831 Introducing DirectMe the new Link In Bio service

Select any images, et voila!

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When it comes to customizing things like your images and color schemes, it’s a good idea to adjust the style of your main website or Instagram profile to maintain a more cohesive overall aesthetic, but you can easily make changes to any element of your profile whenever you need it.

A link in bio is most effective when all your linked links are ready to go, so it’s best not to add links to work in progress or incomplete pages – wait until your new social media profile or website is ready to launch, and then add it as an article to your link in bio.

Direct Me does not limit the level of customization and there are no hidden fees. So once you’ve signed up, you’ll have instant access to all of the platform’s features, as well as some very useful additional tools for data analysis and donation setup.

Introducing DirectMe the new Link In Bio service

Whether new product launches or special events require changes and updates to your website or other resources, a link in bio means you don’t have to constantly update your Instagram feed and ensures your followers are instantly redirected to the most current ones. up-to-date websites without having to keep going back and manually changing your profile.

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your social media content or the size and scope of your business, different Link in Bio tools may better suit your specific needs. One of the most versatile platforms that can be easily customized to your specific needs, Direct Me is the perfect tool to optimize your followers’ browsing experience and maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns.