The impact of internships in marketing

In the age of instant gratification, our expectations of “right here, now” were higher than ever. A trend that is quickly saturating the labor market. Applying for City Marketing, Advertising and PR Internships in London is a career move that can accelerate your journey.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh out of a degree, a diploma or vocational training; Unless you plan on being a recreational person (tell us how!), finding a job has to be quick. We often assume that once you have climbed the required training levels, the perfect role should be waiting for you.

Climbing the marketing career ladder

The reality is of course different, especially when it comes to certain niche industries. Marketing and PR are such professions that you cannot just walk into. The nature of this business revolves around networking and professional relationships. Networking is actually much more nuanced and a skill that needs to be carefully developed.

Whatever your experience during your studies, networking is rarely taught formally. If you don’t take the time to actively train yourself in this regard, you will be at a great disadvantage.

Fortunately, there is a simple and fantastic solution to this shortcoming – internships. Well, take the word “easy” with a pinch of salt. Depending on the level of ambition, the most coveted placements at elite companies like Ogilvy or BBDO face stiff competition. But do you know what will set you apart? Previous Internships.

Climb up the ladder

You cannot reach the top of the ladder without climbing the lower rungs. But this time investment is worth it. Marketing and PR is about sharpening instincts and building contacts. You need to have a thorough understanding of your industry, market trends and consumer behavior. And of course, dealing with customers effectively before they even walk through the door. These cannot be achieved without as much practical experience as possible.

Of course there are negative aspects. An internship is not a real job. In the end, there are no guarantees. You’re unlikely to get paid much, or at all. It’s a huge sacrifice in terms of your time, energy and financial compromises. If you are truly passionate about your job and determined to achieve our goals; a bit of humility and grunt work is required.

But before you let the prospect of running errands and making coffee daunt you, you need to weigh these hurdles against the long-term benefits. A plethora of internships will not only make your resume stand out, it will make it shine in a sea of ​​lackluster applicants. By the time you’re applying for your first job, you already have not only adequate industry experience, but also less training needs, proven commitment to the field, excellent (if you’ve done your job right!) recommendations, and just as valuable – practice and comfort professional environment.

Reach higher rungs before your peers

Making the sudden transition from college to enterprise can be an extremely difficult adjustment, but while your peers are still acclimatizing, you already know your way around and can fulfill your role with focus and confidence. With assets like this, who do you think will end up taking more responsibility and be the first to be considered for promotion? They are.

It all started with an internship. Whether you’re a first-timer, two, or just not quite into the ideal marketing company you want to be, wherever you start, you’ll gain skills that will serve you throughout your professional career, all of which are important building blocks to put you in create a successful future.