another way to spy on people on whatsapp

WhatsApp has greatly improved security and has long used chat encryption, which prevents attackers from intercepting messages exchanged through the platform.

However, there are still several ways to find out someone’s habits via WhatsApp: if you are a private person, the first thing you can do is disable recent access.

How to hide whatsapp last access

Hiding WhatsApp’s recent access is easy: the first thing you have to do, of course, is open the settings (by clicking on the three dots in the top right if you use Android, or on the last tab with iPhone).
In Settings, click Accounts, then click Privacy.
Here you will find several menus useful for hiding your information from other users: What matters most to us, Last accessed, is the first entry: just click and select None from the pop-up menu that appears.
Before you turn off last access sharing, remember that the process is two-way, so you can’t see when a contact was last connected.

Also, you can always manage the profile, information and status sharing options from the privacy menu, just like the last time you accessed it, even this information can be shared with everyone, with everyone or only with your contacts.

If you’re a private individual, it might be a good idea to select My Contacts so they don’t show your name, status, and profile picture to strangers.

How to Spy on WhatsApp on Android

Despite what has been said so far to hide recent access, due to the nature of the application, you can always spy on WhatsApp from Android, tracking every time you launch the software and even receiving a notification whenever a user connects manufactures.

As you probably know, WhatsApp always tells you when the contact you are writing to is online, even if they have chosen to hide their recent access: for this reason, you can “spy” on the accesses of any WhatsApp contact , just by knowing the number.

The feature that shows when someone is online, which cannot be changed in any way, makes some apps capable of spying on user access: one of them is WhatsAgent.

This is an Android application that runs remotely (without having to touch the victim’s phone) and does exactly what it says so far: once launched, you can enter a number (or two) to call the Keep track and send notification when human connects.

After the app is launched for the first time, after accepting the terms of the contract, the app will prompt you directly to enter the name and number of the person you want to “spy on”.

Then WhatsAgent tracks every time the contact comes online.

WhatsAgent is free for a limited time, but to continue using the service you have to pay $9.9 per month or $5.95 per week.

Additionally, for subscribers, you can also use another feature that’s undoubtedly the scariest of them all: when you click the Compare Activities button, you can actually add a second number to keep track, and comparison charts show the activities by two users.

This system was of course designed to understand when two users are chatting and, with a little imagination, to see if the contact we want to “spy” has a relationship with another person.

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As I told you and as you understood, spying on someone on WhatsApp is too easy.
What I suggest you is to avoid such things, because human relationships simply have to be based on mutual trust, and this sabotage does not solve anything, it only serves to waste useful money.
If you need to talk to someone and solve problems, just talk to them!