Play 5 simulator games like Tap Tap Breaking now!

ODAAT Studio has created a simulation game that has amazed the gaming community. A simple game with lots of features and exciting gameplay is not easy to find. The Tap Tap Breaking is one of those games. The game is about breaking all unimaginable objects like chopsticks, sun etc.

Tap Tap Breaking has a lot to offer. Whether it’s eye-catching graphics, fantastic sound, or plenty of features, the game has never disappointed anyone. So if you like playing single player anime oriented offline games, we have collected some simulator games like Tap Tap Breaking.

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5 simulator games like Tap Tap Breaking

Go through the list of similar games to Tap Tap Breaking and you will never be disappointed.

Make your body builder

Make your body builder

Are you interested in a bodybuilding game and want to know what it takes to be a bodybuilder? Then Make Your Bodybuilder is the game you have to try. In this game you can not only level up your character, but also compete against your friends in the competitive mode. One of the best parts of the game is that you can track your progress and unlock achievements as you play.

Escape from the forest cottage house

Escape from the forest cottage house

Gamestojolly family never forgets to surprise us when it comes to offering amazing games. Forest Cottage House Escape is the new point and click escape game. Here you should explore an endangered forest in a team. This prediction game will blow your mind with its features, graphics and functionality.

Tap Heroes! Tap tap game!

Another simulator game like Tap Tap Breaking is Tap Heroes. The game is flooded with tons of unique features and exciting gameplay. The gameplay is simple as you only have to tap to attack monsters. Also, you can quickly boost the hero with gold obtained by defeating monsters. The Tap Heroes is an easy to play, addictive and free game. The game comes with tons of features like the protagonist, skills, mana, companies, hero gear, rebirth, etc.

This is how you become a programmer

Interested in being a part of this evolving web? If yes, then you must have basic programming skills. And here is the easiest way to become a professional gamer. In this game, with a single touch, you can turn up the sound to make your dream of being a professional gamer come true. You also get a chance to advance to the highest level through a fierce battle.

Tap Tap Monsters: Evolution Clicker

Tap Tap Monster

Tap Tap Monster is a game where you can put your foot in the shoes of an evolution engineer. You have to combine two monsters with different characteristics, powers and strengths and create a completely new and advanced creature. Therefore, enjoy the path to becoming an efficient evolution engineer.

The game has a total of 8 biome worlds built after the origin of the universe and the elements; Energy, Storm, Fire, Water, Chaos, Metal, Ice and Nature. Apart from that, there are four underground biomes: Death, Steel, Life, and Crystal.


Tap tap breaking has sparked a wave of tapping games. Apart from the games mentioned, there are a few more games like Tip for Metal Slug, Tap Tap Fist VIP, etc.

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