The new Google update is scary!! Game Over for Affiliate Marketers?

Google recently updated its algorithm on March 8th. This time, they inadvertently targeted the affiliate marketers.

A sharp drop in affiliate sites has been observed around the world. Many websites are affected by this new update.

What is special about this new update?

The new Google update is scary Game Over for Affiliate

There used to be many websites that did a product review and got a good position in Google SERP.

Because this was a simple process, many new websites also ranked at the top in Google searches.

However, some rogue websites have joined the party in the same way. There are many review sites that are rated with unverified data and false information.

So after this new update (source), Google now prioritizes thorough research when ranking product reviews. There are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your affiliate review website ranks well.

  1. Using Source while reviewing the product or services
  2. Physical touch of the product is recommended.
  3. Thorough research is required.
  4. Use both pros and cons when reviewing a product
  5. Don’t just write a review, compare the product to the competition.
  6. Mention important decision factors for choosing a particular product or service.
  7. Explain how the product differs from its competitors.

This is some of the most important information that Google has suggested to webmasters. If we write a review with the above points in mind, we will surely have a better chance of ranking well in Google search results.

So the question still remains

Is affiliate marketing over for the newbies?

Certainly not!

I understand that it will be difficult for the newcomers. This update will certainly have a short-term impact on your website. However, By following Google’s guidelines, you might get better results than ever before.

Such updates will surely remove many useless websites that have prevented your good content from being ranked above them.

So, if you are a person who pays more attention to the quality of your content, there is no need to worry.