Top 7 Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS Users

A gender switch app, as the name suggests, turns you into the opposite sex. It started out as a primary filter on social media sites like Snapchat before developers created specialized applications for the same purpose.

A gender swap software scans areas of your image and applies filters to them that use artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to the underlying technology. People are eager to board as the resulting photos are generally amusing.

These applications give you authentic looking results and some of them even allow you to create videos with different voiceovers. Here is a list of Top 7 Gender Swap Apps for IOS and Android –

1# FaceApp – AI Face Editor

Top 7 Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS Users

FaceApp is a multifunctional program ideal for gender reassignment and general image enhancement. It does an excellent job with the first function. Thanks to the use of AI, the final image seems realistic. Regarding the latter, it can apply a variety of filters to images, including wrinkle, blemish, and pimple removers, as well as aging signs, hipster and other forms of facial hair, typical to unusual hair colors, and wrinkle, blemish, and pimple removers.

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2# Snapchat

Top 7 Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS Users

Snapchat added a new filter to help you look like the opposite sex. There is a stir on social media as individuals post “male” and “female” versions of themselves. The first turns a woman’s face into a man’s face with stubble, while the second makes men more feminine. The gender change filter became very popular almost immediately. Examine the pictures of beautiful people on Instagram and other social media platforms carefully!

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3# Face Swap Booth – face swapper

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Like other gender swap apps, it’s not just about offering humorous and unusual effects to change the gender of your photos. It has multiple features that allow any user to play around with stickers. Upload a selfie photo and press Shift to activate the program. The results are pretty nice thanks to the AI ​​manipulating the image and meticulously applying the gender filter. But don’t expect the app to get it right the first time.

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4# Jiggy

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Jiggy is primarily a video generator software that takes a unique approach to gender swapping functionality. Unlike the previous five uses we mentioned, Jiggy cuts off your head and places it on another person’s body. Since it is so easy to create a GIF or a movie, users are quick to turn to Jiggy for this activity.

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5# Banuba

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Besides the selfie editor, Banuba also offers a video maker, cosmetics and face changing functions. It can take both photos and videos. The former format may display a voice change, making your gender reassignment video more believable. Banuba’s strength is the ability to switch faces. It’s not like the other five apps on our list as it doesn’t work by adding a filter to your photos. Face swapping is the process of combining your facial features with those of another person, preferably of the opposite sex.

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6# Cupace – Cut and Paste Photo Editor

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Keep in mind that the program isn’t very effective at distinguishing faces with the gender swap tool on a group picture. Consequently, you have to manually highlight and change each look. Cupace, on the other hand, is an excellent option if none of the other comparable programs work. The fact that the program is only available for Android users is a small downer. Cupace focuses on many different topics, and the app delivers them all. Apart from being able to change your gender in pictures, you can also create amusing collages, change background and much more. Group photos with gender swapping are what make the software stand out.

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7# Age App: Face Changer Gender Swap

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When it comes to transforming your look, the Old Age Face Effect is a lot of fun. As with other applications, the AI ​​switches your attributes with the opposite sex. The results are compelling and can be generated in seconds with just a few taps. In addition, you can apply numerous filters to a single image. Although the age filter is the main feature of the app, it also has a few additional features. It is a gender switch app with baby face filter and smile effect.

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All of the above apps are great options and you can try any of them. All are free to download and do not require many technical specifications. They can run smoothly on any Android or iOS devices. Whether you want to prank someone, hide your identity, or have a good laugh, the apps have you covered.